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044 | Ombre des racines, Série (2), 2021


"Ombre des racines S(2), 06/20", dessin sur carrelages et collage (100x60cm), courtesy Mohssin Harraki.


"Ombre des racines S(2), 13/20", dessin sur carrelages et collage (100x120cm), courtesy Mohssin Harraki.

Ombre_des_racines_Série_2,_10_20, 1.jpg

In the Shadow of the Roots is the title of a new series of works composed of drawings of plant roots of various species, carefully isolated from their environment, painted in black on ceramic tiles, as well as collages of excerpts from a treatise on geometry by an Arab mathematician of the fifteenth century (Qadi-zadeh Roumi and his "Commentaries on the Fundamental Theorems") I used a recurring methodology: after conducting extensive research in order to gather the texts and forms that I will later transpose and transform/re-arrange in his works, I'm situating myself halfway between the scrupulous observation of the copyist/scientist and the margin of interpretation and invention of the artist. I juxtapose here two distinct realities from the history of science, two types of graphic and visual inscriptions. All in oppositions and contrasts, they seem to test new associations of meaning: very diverse roots, drawn by hand in slight relief, stand next to collages of lines and pages of writings and, sometimes, of simple geometric forms. On the one hand, the randomness and fantastic character that characterizes the growth of roots, on the other, the rigor of the mathematics and geometry treatise.

"Ombre des racines S(2), 10/20", dessin sur carrelages et collage (40x40cm), courtesy Mohssin Harraki.

Ombre_des_racines_Série_2,_8_20 copie.jpg

"Ombre des racines S(2), 08/20", dessin sur carrelages et collage (60x40cm), courtesy Mohssin Harraki.

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